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Why Hold
A Dazed Duck?

Duck Holder

80% of all DDMC profits are
distributed to holders
each and every week.


Take part in our DAO
by submitting ideas & voting for
or against others.

Bragging Rights

There will only ever be 10,000 ducks.
If you get one you deserve to
show it to the world.

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Learn More About
The Ducks

Our collection of 10,000 NFTs have been handdrawn by Guava De Artist to include over a million different attribute combinations. Each duck is categorized into Legendary, Super Rare, Rare & Common values.

  • 34 Skins, 30 Hats, 25 Beaks, 29 Eyes, 41 Clothes & 11 Backgrounds.
  • 25 have been 100% hand drawn & are the only legendaries.
  • Each duck earns you rewards & grants you access to the members area.
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The Dazed Ducks
Members Dashboard

Track Revenue Stats in Realtime

Every dollar made through our ecosystem is tracked and displayed to all Duck Holders via the dashboard. See how much is being generated and what your next payout looks like. Claim your rewards with a click of a button.

DAO Voting & Submissions

Take part in voting on the next business venture or submit your own idea. Every wallet gets one vote regardless on the amount of ducks. Whales are great, but they should not be the deciding factor of our community.

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